Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Summer is here!

It has been an absolute delight to see the ruby throated hummingbird back again this year. It is astonishing to see this little creature flit about at such speed and, the other day, I was able to photograph it resting on a branch.

Soon afterwards, a golden warbler ( I think) came by and sat for a while...

But today, the temperatures have plummeted by about ten degrees so there is a distinct chill in the air after so much warmth.


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Garden visitors

Today on this blustery cool spring day we have had a kettle of 5 red-tailed hawks flying overhead, and, closer to home, we spotted a rose-breasted Grossbeak feeding on the bird bench.

Soon after a Downy Woodpecker came to peck at the trunk of an old apple tree.

It is a late spring this year... some of the early budding trees have had frost damage, but we hope they will recover.
What a joy to see  those hawks soaring overhead: I watch as they twist and turn in the wind. Apparently they cover hundreds of miles a day...


Sunday, 24 April 2016

Early Spring...

Its that time of year again. We have about eight goldfinches buzzing about the garden right now, four or more tree swallows and several blue birds. Its been a long brown season, but at last there are signs of greening as new buds break free.

Today we try out our new Kobalt lawn mower... 
In a few weeks time we will install our Labyrinth: a classic Avalon design about 18 feet across. It will sit in the additional plot of land we purchased last year and will feature river washed boulders and cedar mulch.
New beginnings...

Friday, 12 February 2016

Polar Vortex

This weekend, temperatures are plunging here due to a Polar Vortex spreading south from Canada. Anticipating windchill of -30 degrees tomorrow morning, we need to be prepared.
Walking along the Shug trail in Dryden today I spotted some beautiful ice crystals and floes on a patch of beaver damned water by the trail, which in the spring is the nesting ground for snapping turtles!

And, at the 1 mile mark I spotted this beautiful patch of red against the gray.
We could not linger long because my ears were becoming numb, but it was a fabulous sight to behold!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Sounds of Winter

This morning, Misty and I walked by Dryden Lake which was iced over and splendid in the sunshine.
From time to time, strange moaning sounds emerged from the space around the lake... it was the cracking of ice sheets echoing the entire length and breadth of the place. 

And there were winter photographs everywhere... frozen twigs, a farm above the lake, ice crystals below a water pipe...

Gorgeous winter...

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Northern Harrier

This morning, a beautiful Northern Harrier came by and sat on our garden fence for a while.
The colder weather seems to have brought it closer to the birds in our garden.
Sensitive to the slightest movement, it flew off just after I had taken these pictures.

Two nights ago we had an ice storm: all night long we could here the ice falling against the siding and windows, and, in the morning, they were covered with a sheet of ice.
Tomorrow, the year turns.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Moon

Last night and today, we have been blessed with a spectacular full moon!
Hanging over our fields and home it has been a beautiful sight. 

Once again, I am reminded of the astonishing balance between light and darkness...
between horizon and zenith: 
Here at the turning point of the year, this brightness blesses everything.